Riding fast (or even slow) motorbikes is a sensation which, once experienced, is never forgotten. It all started quite a while ago for me, but I still really can't imagine not having a bike waiting in the garage.

I meet up and ride with a lot of people from the usenet news group  People here talk about everything, occasionally including bikes.  Dip in and see what's going on, but make sure you've read the FAQ first.

One article I posted on ukrm which has been quite popular is Getting your knee down 101. So popular has it been that I've put it up here too.

I passed my test on 7th February 1980.  So, on (or near) the 7th February 2000, I threw a party to celebrate 20 Years on the Road

Bikes I've owned

It all began at the age of 16 in 1979, and one thing just led to another

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