Language / Locale

What if your language is not in the list above?

  1. Go to the language packs section on
  2. Select the version of b2evolution you're trying to install. If it's not available select the closest match (in most cases this should work).
  3. Find your language and click the "Download" link.
  4. Unzip the contents of the downloaded ZIP file.
  5. Upload the new folder (for example es_ES) into the /locales folder on your server. (The /locales folder already contains a few locales such as de_DE, ru_RU, etc.)
  6. Reload this page. The new locale should now appear in the list at the top of this screen. If it doesn't, it means the language pack you installed is not compatible with this version of b2evolution.

What if there is no language pack to download?

Nobody has contributed a language pack in your language yet. You could help by providing a translation for your language.

For now, you will have to install b2evolution with a supported language.

Once you get familiar with b2evolution you will be able to create your own language pack fairly easily.