Riding fast (or even slow) motorbikes is a sensation which, once experienced, is never forgotten. It all started quite a while ago for me, but I still really can't imagine not having a bike waiting in the garage.

I meet up and ride with a lot of people from the usenet news group  People here talk about everything, occasionally including bikes.  Dip in and see what's going on. I would direct you to the FAQ, but that's long gone, sadly along with it's author Windy.

I've got a scanned and kept a collection of Shobba cartoons - to my my mind the cartoonist who best understands biking as it was in the UK.

I passed my test on 7th February 1980.  So, on (or near) the 7th February 2000, I threw a party to celebrate 20 Years on the Road

Bikes I've owned

It all began at the age of 16 in 1979, and one thing just led to another

Other Stuff